On Friday night there was an altercation at Owls Club during a show put on by members of the DIY music community.

After speaking with one of the organizers of the show, as well as communicating with management at Owls Club today, we felt the need to make a statement because of our past involvement with the space. Until there are active steps made by Owls Club to improve standards for the safety of their patrons, we will not be organizing events there moving forward.

We’re not in a position to expand on the details of what happened because we weren’t there (all of the information we’ve gathered has been second-hand). Neither do we want to add our opinions online to problems of this sensitive nature. However, we think taking the time to open a discussion offline and in person could be helpful for us to listen, learn from this experience, and improve our approach, for ourselves and for others with a stake in the music community. There are layers of complexity and context that deserve thoughtful consideration, and we hope sharing perspectives can strengthen our collective understanding surrounding these issues.

We welcome anyone who would like to participate in the discussion to 1207 Bloor St. W. (back laneway entry - ‘Somewhere Else’) on Wednesday April 10th, 8pm-10pm. For more specific directions or if you can’t attend but would like to discuss another time or give a written statement, please email:

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Raw Materials