Following our previous post, we’ve had further discussions with members of the music community and community members of Owls Club.

Owls Club has implemented a new requirement for bands/promoters who want to book the space for shows to provide a licensed and registered security guard for the duration of the events moving forward (both basement and upstairs). The impetus for this is to improve the safety of the space during such events, and to give show organizers their choice of and responsibility for security personnel. The security should provide documentation of their valid license and communicate with the bartender on duty prior to doors. The bar won’t open and the shows will not start without the presence of said security, to be provided by the show’s organizers.
Owls Club has reached out to some of the organizers of the April 5 show with a conciliatory approach, and would like to apologize to anyone who felt discomfort during the altercation that followed the vandalism. As a reminder, this establishment is a ANAF veterans hall (not a Royal Canadian Legion) and it supports many people of various backgrounds and ideologies, including members with disabilities and victims of war. It is a safety-net space for many who seek community, and it’s imperative for musicians wishing to play or attend shows there to respect their surroundings. It is not a traditional venue, and though Owls has opened their doors to the music community for performances, their space is still a second home for it’s members and deserves to be respected as such.