Deliluh was loud. Here, Deliluh is soft. It isn't so much a style change, as a feeling of exhaustion. Barriers of noise stripped and shed until all that's left is Kyle Knapp's lazy drawl and an acoustic guitar. When other instruments arrive, they don't propel the song forward, but rather like apparitions, swirl and hover round Kyle's gentle musings. The lyrics read like diary entries half-remembered, scrawled late-night notes re-interpreted in the mist of morning light. Nothing is hurried, everything is natural. The lyrics and music roll out as one in a gorgeous sigh of relief and renewal. Self-recorded at Knapp's home with the help of Ami Spears (Surinam, Ostrich Tuning), James Burling (Boxes & Bags, Teen Tits Wild Wives) and Peter Richard, this is personal and honest music that speaks louder in its sincerity then the walls of noise it emerged from.

Photo by Ami Spears